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Sage Yoga Training: Warrior Flow

Warrior Flow This warrior flow focuses on building strength while stretching the hips and legs. We begin with a few holds of chair pose, then move from warrior II to warrior I to warrior III. Take five or more slow breaths in each standing pose. Between sides, rest in a standing forward fold with your… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Balance and Bowing

Balance and Bowing This short routine works both as a dynamic warmup and as core strength and flexibility training after your workout. We begin by moving from mountain pose through tall mountain to a squat, then we stretch the lower legs before standing again. Next is a series of bows and forward folds that include… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Relax

Relax Relax. This thirteen-minute sequence leads you in relaxing poses perfect for unwinding after a race, game, or long workout, or simply before bedtime. You’ll gently stretch your entire body: legs, hips, chest, back, and arms. Linger in these postures, breathing calmly and relaxing fully. We end with a long hold of legs up the… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Quick Fix

Quick Fix This short sequence of yoga poses will challenge your balance, increase your flexibility, and engage your core strength. If your postworkout time is limited, follow this podcast to include a little stretching and strengthening—your body will thank you. After beginning with Warrior III to work on standing balance (strengthening the hips, legs, and… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder Stretches This series of shoulder stretches—great for swimmers and anyone with a tight upper body—includes optional leg positions to get your whole body looser. We begin with a shoulder strap sequence, for which you’ll need a yoga strap or a substitute—try a dog leash, a belt, or a necktie. Next we bring the arms… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: IT Band Express

IT Band Express This sequence of postworkout stretches targets the quads, hips, and hamstrings while engaging the upper body in arm stretches and spinal twists. Athletes with IT band problems will especially benefit from gentle, patient practice of Cow-Face Pose. If you feel like you can’t sit tall on the ground (i.e., if your pelvis… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Wall Stretches

Wall Stretches Great to practice after your workout, this seven-minute sequence uses a wall, a car, or a natural prop to help you stretch. Move gently into the poses, especially the arm stretches; take each to the point of pleasant intensity and no further. Music for this episode is the title track of Paul Avgerinos’s… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations This eleven-minute sequence can serve as a warm-up, a cool-down, or a workout in itself. Starting with three half salutes, we move through four sun salutations: first a high lunge; then a balancing high lunge; a low, crescent lunge; and a crescent lunge with a twist. All you need to practice the sequence… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Pigeon Sequence

Pigeon Sequence This sequence addresses the hips and hamstrings, which are chronically tight in athletic bodies. We move from Pigeon Pose to Head-to-Knee, ending with a twist. (In Sanskrit, it’s Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Janu Sirsasana, and Marichiyasana III.) If you have knee problems, be especially careful in Pigeon; you may need to simply sit on… Read more »