Swamped as I prepare to turn in a draft chapter of my book, keep up with editing projects, and peak (one hopes) for the NCTS championship race, I’ve had two consecutive weekends of chi-based workshops.

The first was on Chi Running, taught by Danny Dreyer. It’s a technique for running using the core and relaxing the legs. To oversimplify, you bring mountain-pose alignment to your run form and lean forward to let gravity take some of the work. The workshop was very good, and I recommend checking out Dreyer’s book and considering a weekend trip to Asheville to attend the next clinic in early December.

The second was on yin yoga and mindfulness meditation, and it was taught by Sarah Powers, who was an inspiring and eloquent presenter. Yin yoga involves very long holds of floor poses to target the connective tissue; on an energetic level, it works the meridians to increase the flow of chi. There are fascinating confluences between the experience of holding a backbend for twelve minutes while focusing on mindfulness and the experience of endurance sports racing. If I ever get out from under this mountain of work, I’ll try to elaborate them here, but they will certainly make it into the book.

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