D.C. Report

Vivi and Wes strike catalog poses at the Washington Monument, overlooking the Lincoln Memorial

My family joined me on my business trip to Washington, D.C., this weekend. This was the girls’ first trip there. They loved the Museum of Natural History and the zoo; they were perplexed by the freeze-dried ice cream sold at the Air and Space Museum, the food of one of my fondest childhood memories; and they found the Metro too loud (these children love taxis).
The city was very beautiful this weekend, with a perfect cool breeze rustling the colored leaves. The only bad part was my treadmill run, done to avoid sidewalks and to be efficient. What was I thinking? I had to force myself to continue (“C’mon, Rountree, you’re on the Runner’s World advisory board, you’ve gotta gut it out!”), but at least it made a good mental training session.
I adored visiting Circle Yoga, where I presented a workshop. It’s a wonderful studio with a nicely stocked boutique (you can find my book and a few copies of my DVD there) and a warm and friendly staff. The students were great, too, and we had a fun session looking at form, breath, economy, and mountain pose—all of which apply in yoga and in sports.
If you’d like to have me offer a similar workshop at your favorite yoga studio, please let me know. And if you’re up for a more in-depth exploration of yoga’s benefits for athletes, come spend a weekend with me at Kripalu, February 6–9, 2009.
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