Day 1 Reflections

Today, the first day of the coaching certification workshop, played out like many of my previous workshop experiences. I learned a decent amount–well, not so much learned as had some of what I already know reiterated. I witnessed the usual play of egos: one participant who asked a question at every possible juncture (and some others); a few who were sure they knew more than whoever was presenting.

And just as in other workshop experiences, at times I had flashes of insight. Some had to do with adding coaching to my bag of tricks: a logo, a business name, and a plan (to be “boutique”). The biggest revelation relates in part to my writing here, to the horror I feel at seeming obsessed by capitalism, and the need for a nobler purpose. I love education, receiving it and passing it on. Can’t that be a noble purpose in itself? It might be one generation removed, but if I cultivate calmness and focus in my students (my clients), and then they use that for the common good, doesn’t that count? And given the kind of teaching (coaching) I’m doing now, could it possibly make a bigger difference than slightly helping freshmen write better, or sophomores meet a General College requirement by reading a few short plays?

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