Day 2 Reflections

A long day–a “marathon day”–at the clinic. More good information. More personality assertion. I got to unleash my full Leo performative side when the strength and flexibility presenter, also a Spinning and yoga teacher, had me demo poses. It felt to me like I was showing off, so I was glad to receive a number of “thanks for showing the poses!” afterward.

My tablemate is a lovely woman from Michigan who invited me out with her and her husband tonight. I wanted to save my energy, and I didn’t want to intrude. But it was very kind. After watching how people reacted when the two big question-askers kept asking questions over and over, she said simply, “I love watching body language.”

The clinic coordinator is doing a great job of keeping us on schedule. If anything, we’re starting sooner than she says after each break. But triathletes eat that stuff up. Discipline us!

On two breaks today, I strolled along a boardwalk over a nearby lake. Signs warned of snakes and alligators, but all I saw were turtles, funny little black ducks with red beaks, and a little heron. I watched him fish. During the second walk, it came to me that USA Triathlon should really hold one of these clinics at the UNC Wellness Center. The facility is perfect, Meadowmont is great for food and groceries, and there’s a decent hotel just across the street. We have coaches around town that can give wonderful presentations on par with what I’ve seen this weekend. I’ll pitch it to the coordinator sometime next week.

By the way, Mike Carey, the head ref for the Washington-Tampa Bay game, is a total fox. And a great official.

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