Diamonds and Pearl

I wrote a post a few days ago by this title but realized it was complete evidence of my obsession with capitalism and pulled it. It contained my ramblings about the wonderful bike store in Cary and the amazing bike I rode there. It also detailed the saga of my beautiful Christmas ring from Wes, which began as a pair of lovely pearl earrings but then became a ring reminiscent of one my grandmother lost at the hospital just before she died.

A few days after the test rides, I’m eager to return to the store when a certain bike in my size arrives. (I’ve provisionally named it Pearl.) But the false sense of immediacy has passed, and I’m feeling less in need of instant gratification. The best thing about the fun visit to the lovely store was being there with Wes, who has his eye on the Dual in yellow and has signed up for his first triathlon. I’m trying not to be too excited.

Meanwhile, a very generous friend let us tear through a box of Ironman line clothing samples and walk away with our arms full. This really helps, since tri race outfits are horribly tight and ugly and cost outrageous amounts. With any luck, I’ll get Wes to pose in one of his new race suits!

So not only am I obsessed by capitalism, I’m obsessed with physical beauty. Maybe I can find something more toward the common good to ramble about soon.

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