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My full-length DVD is now shipping! It’s available through Endurance Films. (While you’re there, check out their many other fine products, especially the DVD on triathlon transitions. It will shave many seconds off your next race.)

As in the book, you’ll see real athletes demonstrating honest, attainable poses. All of us models are triathletes—all of us are USA Triathlon certified coaches, in fact. My student Laurence, a tennis pro and adventure racer, shows the gentler versions of the poses; my student Dan, a five-time Ironman finisher, moves into deeper versions. I’m in there, too, in the middle. Thus your models include a very athletic young woman in her twenties, a thirtysomething yoga teacher/runner, and an experienced (and quite flexible) long-course triathlete in his forties. You’ll find someone to follow along with in each segment, so your experience is personally appropriate.
Most exciting to me is the customizable menu on the DVD. You can choose from the twenty sequences on the disk to personalize your practice, arranging segments in any order you like. This is key for a home practice! As athletes, we have plenty on our plates already. The menu allows you to target exactly what you need to work on from day to day.
If you have more time, you can choose from three preset routines appropriate for your base period, build period, and peak period, or you can play the entire DVD for a two-hour at-home yoga retreat!
I’m eager to hear your feedback on the product, which should be a fabulous complement to the book in encouraging you to incorporate yoga in your training plan.
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