Episode 7: IT Band Express

I’ve finally posted episode 7 of the podcast. With the girls home from school for the summer, it’s hard to get the house quiet enough to record the audio. If you listen through to the end, or use the chapters feature to listen to the closing credits, you’ll hear how tired I was by the time they were in bed last night. (Got up at 5 a.m. to race and didn’t get the typical postrace afternoon nap in; instead, enjoyed good French and Italian food and sparking wine from both countries while watching the World Cup game—fun, but not the best recovery protocol.)

The keystone pose of this episode is Cow-Face (Gomukhasana). I’ve heard various explanations for where we should be seeing the body in the pose as a cow face. Are the arms the ears? Are the legs the horns? Are the knees cow lips?

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