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The world needs more diverse yoga teachers of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Whatever might make you feel nervous to teach is likely to be your superpower as a teacher. Your authenticity and humanity will be exactly what allows you to help students best.

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You can be a yoga teacher.

In over a decade of directing the Carolina Yoga Company’s yoga teacher trainings, I’ve seen hundreds of diverse people become teachers, from a 15-year-old home schooler to retirees, from a former professional poker player a current professional salsa dancer. The more diverse people we welcome to the profession of teaching yoga, the better able we are to bring yoga to everyone who will benefit from it.

Our current offerings at Carolina Yoga Company Teacher Training focus on continuing education. Many of our workshops take place in a format that allows for both locals and visitors to enjoy our programs. They start with a preassignment, which includes reflection and research on the topic at hand. Then we meet at Carrboro Yoga in our custom-designed training room. (Carrboro is convenient to Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Durham, Raleigh, Pittsboro, and Burlington, NC; you can come from anywhere via the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, aka RDU, and find housing at every price point.) Finally, students complete a postassignment that demonstrates mastery of the material, and I provide ongoing mentorship.

Our programs have run since 2011. They reflect our studio’s responsible eclecticism and commitment to the highest professional standards. I would love to talk to you about what we offer! Book a call with me here.

Another great starting point is with my books, especially The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook.

Books for Aspiring Teachers

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In my experience over many years of teaching, virtually everything I once believed to be a clear-cut truth about yoga has proved to be more nuanced. Through years of study of yoga, anatomy, and exercise physiology while working to keep an open mind, here are my currently held beliefs.

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