Getting Treed

My face usually carries signs of the day’s exercise for a few hours—even at 6:00 last night, I could see the goggle marks from my 10:00 swim. (I do wear the dorkiest goggles known to man, but they work wonderfully, and it’s worse when I wear traditionally shaped goggles—they give me raccoon eyes for days.) My sunglasses will leave a mark on the bridge of my nose for a good hour or two, and when I wear them for a long time, I get sore above my ears for a few days.

Today’s mark is different. It comes from a forehead-on collision with a tree trunk. In fact, I ran my head into a tree twice on this run. The first encounter was a graze of the crown of my head in which the limb wrestled my hat off. The second was a sudden SMACK to my forehead that snapped my teeth together and stopped me dead in my tracks. My running partner had just begun to yell—”Hat!”—but I was too close behind. Why “Hat!”? I had the brim of my hat pulled way down because it’s pouring rain, and my eyes on the trail, which was swampy (especially by the end of our megarun, 2:50). There was a biggish sapling bent across the trail, right at my eye height. I don’t seem to have a concussion, just this silly bump, which, funny enough, looks a lot like my usual sunglass mark.
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