I Feel the Love!

I am really feeling the love. My podcast is on the “Healthy Living” featured listings on iTunes this week, and just today it’s gotten good reviews in tri discussion forums, both here and in the U.K. If you’ve gotten here through those channels, thank you! A big thanks to those (uncoerced) folks who first began the threads.

And (self-promotion) please look for my book on yoga for endurance athletes, which will be released in November.

I spent some of today wrapping up the manuscript, in fact. Actually, first I swam at 5:45 a.m., then I took Lily to school, then I ran with my girlfriends in the woods, then I worked on some editing, then I made some revisions to my own manuscript, then I picked up Vivi and we got Lily from chess club . . . what makes it work is the combination of activities for body, mind, and spirit. The swim and run (and the yoga class I’ll teach later) are for the body and spirit, the work for the mind (and to feed the body), the girls engage all three. Or maybe they all do.

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