Sage Yoga Training: IT Band Express

IT Band Express

This sequence of postworkout stretches targets the quads, hips, and hamstrings while engaging the upper body in arm stretches and spinal twists. Athletes with IT band problems will especially benefit from gentle, patient practice of Cow-Face Pose.

If you feel like you can’t sit tall on the ground (i.e., if your pelvis is tilting backward), try sitting a little higher by using a prop such as a block or a firm pillow. Remember never to force your body into any position; if your knees don’t stack or your arms don’t connect in Cow-Face, no sweat. If you’ve just finished a long workout, take care not to spend long inverted in the wide-legged hamstring stretch.

Music for the episode is “One Day in May” by Tilopa, from the album Out of the Blue, available at

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