Moon Salutations

This week in my yoga classes for athletes, we’re working moon salutations. You’ll find many different flows labeled moon salutations—I don’t claim that this is the original, the only, or the “right” way to do them; it’s just a great routine for athletes, especially those who are still a few weeks from their peak fall competitions (such as runners prepping for a fall/early winter marathon). I learned this sequence from a handout I received in teacher training, and from a version taught by my colleague Ann Archer, and I’ve put a few spins on it for symmetry.

Here’s the full sequence in video, taken from my DVD. You can also find an article about the sequence as I teach it, the rationale behind using it, and a slideshow for reference on Rodale’s iYogaLife site.
So much of endurance sports—power yoga included!—involves moving forward. It’s extremely useful to spend time moving side to side (and twisting) to help balance that work. Remember, yin and yang together.
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