More about Shoes, and the Lack Thereof

Another reason to change your running shoes every 350–500 miles.

I’m collecting a bag of used running shoes for my Kenyan friend Henry to ship to his hometown, where youths will be pleased to have them. What a contrast to our Western approach. Here, we build shoes like the Nike Free to emulate running barefoot.

Julee’s one-shoed run put her with one foot literally in either camp. What a fertile story. It may find its way into my book as a lesson in nonattachment and living in the present, and I’m writing it up for Endurance Magazine. In the course of working on that piece, I learned that an ATV had been stuck in that very same mud for three hours during course marking! The race director found it “18 inches deep in guck” because Julee gave him such specific directions about where she’d lost it.

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