New York Report

We enjoyed a family vacation to New York City—Vivi’s first time on a plane—last weekend. The girls enjoyed the uptown sights (some cell-phone pictures here), and Wes and I had a great meal at Aix, a Provencal-influenced restaurant with Chapel Hill ties. The short list—only four items sold—at Una Pizza Napoletana (pizza with sauce, pizza without sauce; pizza with cheese, pizza without cheese) thawed my usual choice paralysis. The girls’ favorite thing, apart from the Central Park Zoo: riding in a taxi (Viv) and a “service car” (car service, Lily), sans child seats or even seatbelts. Taking a cue from triathlon body marking, we wrote our cell numbers and the address of our apartment on the girls’ arms using a Sharpie!

It was a work trip for me; my workshop at YogaWorks Downtown went very well. I hope to have turned on the participating athletes to yoga, though I know it’s always a little intimidating and mystifying to attend your first class or to learn to love yoga when it’s been hard in the past. (Karen, what did you think?) Look for more workshops along these lines in the future—and let me know if you’d like to schedule one at your facility.
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