Ode to the Crape Myrtle

The crape myrtles are spectacular in central North Carolina this year. They remind me of fireworks, the tips of each branch bursting into jewel-toned color. I never really noticed them before, but this week they are everywhere, and beautiful. It’s like the phenomenon where you buy a new car and suddenly see the same model everywhere; I am attuned to the crape myrtle.

Yoga teaches us to pay attention, to notice such patterns. Try choosing a part of your body, breath, or consciousness, and see how often it draws your attention over the course of the day. What is the quality of your shoulders when you wake up, as you drive, at the computer, on the couch? How deep is each inhalation on the track, in the shower, in a meeting, in the kitchen? How intense is your drive to judgment as you retrieve the newspaper, choose a line in the grocery store, watch the news? 
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