On Yoga and Running Shoes

There’s a nice introduction for athletes on how to get into yoga—appropriate for both women and men—in November’s issue of Her Sports magazine. (Apparently, it’s also the last issue under the Her Sports name; the periodical has been rebranded as Women’s Running.) It’s also available online here.

I was happy to be interviewed for the piece, because it gave me a chance to riff on a simile I’ve had in mind for a while: choosing a yoga class is like choosing a running shoe. Occasionally, you’ll grab the first thing you see, or something on sale, and it’s a great fit; more often, you have to get some expert guidance in finding the right class/shoe for you. As I say in the article, a yoga studio might help you find the right fit, just as a specialty running store can be a great resource.
Some folks need more support in their teachers and their shoes; some need more cushioning, or less; a lighter touch, or a slightly off-kilter approach (asymmetrical lacing, maybe, or the funky postings of the Newton). Sometimes you stick with one model for years; other times, you evolve and need a new model. Tweaks or upgrades made to the teacher’s style or the shoe’s components and fit can make the class or shoe even more useful and productive for you, or they can render it incompatible with your needs. Et cetera.
Tune in for the next episode of Sage Unpacks a Simile, wherein I’ll belabor my points that choosing a bike is like choosing a mate, and that bikes are like newborns, not nearly as fragile as they look!
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