One-Shoe Waldrop

I knew my friend and tri-coaching client Julee was hard-core after I scheduled her first isolated-leg training bike workout. She did it on the road on the way to work, one foot hanging off the side of the bike! (It’s usually done on the trainer, or at least with both feet clipped in on the road.)

Saturday we, and the rest of our moms’ running group, ran an unbelievably muddy (and fun) seven-mile trail race. (Wes got to enjoy the double insanity of the two-lap fourteen-mile race.) Though she’d duct-taped it on to her foot, the mud got the best of Julee’s right shoe around the mile 2 mark. She stopped to look for it, but it was gone. Good reason to call it a day and walk it back, right?

Wrong. Not only did she keep going, she was the first female masters finisher. On trails. With one shoe.

Don’t try this at home! Julee is a nurse and a very experienced former collegiate runner, so she knew what she was doing. She also knew she was having a good day—until, that is, she and another friend hitched a ride with a park ranger on an ATV back to the point where the shoe was last seen. Julee wanted to retreive her custom orthotic. They dug through the mud, but still no shoe.

The race director found it yesterday, and he sent this photo. Can you spot it?

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