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Everyday Yoga

buy Direct from Sage—personalized, signed copy. For international orders, contact us using the form below. E-book: Amazon Kindle; Apple iBooks Online: Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Chapters/Indigo; IndieBound; VeloPress Spanish edition: Yoga Diario, published by Tutor German edition: Everyday Yoga, published by Unimedica preview Download a preview of the book. videos Follow along with video of the short practices and enjoy Sage’s extensive… Read more »

Refine Your Sequencing

Much of my work in the last year has been taxonomical—categorizing and collating the sequences of poses I teach in class. There are various approaches to building a yoga pose sequence for class or home practice; mine is based on a chunking model. Each sequence constitutes a chunk, and these chunks can be strung together to create a short… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Spine and Hips

For those of you interested in the thinking behind why we do what we do in my yoga for athletes classes, here’s a new series at Yoga Vibes! Filmed during my Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, these classes include explanation about the theory behind my sequencing, with ample free time for you to explore the poses… Read more »

Reflection on Over a Decade of Teaching at Carrboro Yoga

The 10-year anniversary of the Carrboro Yoga Company—and hence of my teaching yoga—passed quietly on March 1, 2014, because I was busy teaching an intensive at the studio on classroom management and safety as part of our 500-hour yoga teacher training. The studio was founded by my friend and longtime Kripalu assistant Donia Robinson. When… Read more »

REI Yoga for Athletes Tour

Happy new year! I look forward to connecting with you in 2014. Maybe we’ll connect online via my classes for yoga students—athletes and everyone—or my courses for yoga teachers (there’s a new one being built and released very soon). Or maybe we’ll get to meet in person. I’m leading two programs at Kripalu in January,… Read more »

Extreme Last Minute Gifts

Are you the type to do your holiday shopping at the drugstore as dusk approaches on Christmas Eve? Here are a few extremely last-minute ideas from the intersection of yoga and endurance sports: Epsom salts, combined with a copy of The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery (also available in German, Japanese, and Spanish). While the salts themselves may or… Read more »

Active Yogi: Retreat to Proceed

As I continue to unpack my inbox and to-do list after spending a fantastic week teaching at Kripalu, here’s a piece on why retreats, like training camps, help us focus on moving forward. I’m at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, teaching yoga for athletes all week. It… Read more »

Just Scheduled: Intensive on Teaching Yoga to Athletes

I’ve booked the dates for my next intensive on teaching yoga to athletes at my home studio, Carrboro Yoga, in beautiful central North Carolina, July 8–12, 2013. If you’re more of a winter-in–New England type, I’m teaching a similar program at Kripalu starting January 27; details here. Each program is equivalent to the content portion… Read more »

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