Percolating Episode 6

Since I’ve returned the goth book, I’ve had time to tie up loose ends around the office. That also helps me procrastinate from the file-clearing that should get done—there are stacks of corrected manuscripts on the floor, soon destined for the preschool. (Reminds me of the great scene in The Corrections where Chip discovers his screenplay has become coloring paper.)

In classic procrastination fashion, I checked on the status of my podcast on the iTunes Health Top 100. The health podcasts fall into two camps: those on fitness, and those on sex. They’re about evenly split. Today, “Sage Yoga Training” is number 82, a climb up since the last time I visited to find it at 100. This is probably in part because it’s featured deep on the front page of the podcast section, screen three of four under “Healthy Living.”

I want to get the next episode up to capitalize on this minor success, though I can’t say I’ve put much energy into getting a sponsor. I’ve briefly considered adding advertising here, as my peers have, but it all seems like so much work, and it goes against my view of this podcast as seva, or service. (Well, it’s an egotistical kind of service, and not selfless as it should be, but it’s not blatantly commercial.)

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