Podcast 3 Coming Soon

After taking down the wind chimes, chasing a particularly loud wren off the porch, and huddling over the microphone in my blanket tent, I’ve got the voice track for the third episode of the podcast recorded. (Teaser: Seven-minute abs, yoga style.) But I’ve already exhausted my copyright-free music supply. I don’t want to impose on Alex, and my attempt to create my own track in Garage Band delighted my children but was woefully repetitive and even annoying. (Think eight measures of tabla looped for eight minutes, with vibes and “deep house bells” sprinkled throughout.)

And then I found Magnatune, which has a whole catalog of really cool music—acoustic, ambient, world, etc.—perfect for yoga practice. And they will share. They want to share. Hooray!

I’m in “sponsorship negotiations,” if you can call talking to a dear friend who offered to help out negotiations, with Donia about having Carrboro Yoga Co. sponsor upcoming episodes, in exchange for a USB compressor mic and a mic stand.

What a fun project. Thanks again, Courtney, for turning me on to this.

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