Podcast Episode 14: Yin Hips

There’s a new podcast episode on my Web site. This is a relatively long one for Sage Yoga Training: fifteen minutes. But just five poses. It’s yin yoga, a style I have come to love for its affinity with endurance sports training and racing. (You can learn more about this approach at yinyoga.com, Paul Grilley’s Web site, and Sarah Powers’s Web site.)

The mind goes through a very similar process in, say, a five-minute pigeon fold and a thirty-minute tempo interval. First you feel just fine. Then you start to feel the intensity grow. Then you wonder why you’re doing this to yourself, and how you’re going to make it through. Breath and form are key here; if you can keep them together, you’ll make it to the end, pause to observe the effects, and feel really good about your experience. Physically, the yin style helps work in the deeper structures of the connective tissue that binds our athletic hips, causing all sorts of implications for our swim and pedal strokes and our strides.

I finally noticed that two listeners had posted comments that the pictures weren’t working on the “Balance and Bowing” episode. I reloaded it, and while it still wouldn’t work in Safari, Firefox displayed them fine. If you have a look, you’ll see Quince appear in one shot.

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