Postview: Yoga for Athletes, Go Yoga, Columbus

I spent a fun weekend with the good people of central Ohio at Go Yoga in Powell. A highlight was the chance to do Parking Lot Yoga in the actual parking lot, as part of the Yoga and Running session!

Parking Lot Yoga indeed!
Parking Lot Yoga indeed!

As promised, here are my practice notes. They link to routines in Everyday Yoga, which will be out late May/early June! I’d love to send you a signed copy—preorder here.

Friday Night: Yoga for Strength

Six moves of the spine prone, bent knee
Belly-down corpse
Prone tree pose with side bend
Prone tree pose with twist
Inchworm flow to locust/reverse vinyasa, as described here:
Warrior I flow
Warrior I
Trident arms to diagonal warrior
Tap pinkies and thumbs
Warrior III
Warrior II flow
Warrior II
Exalted Warrior to side angle
Half moon
Squat, crow
Planks and backbends
Plank: variations with one elbow down; raise and lower legs and/or arms
Half bow, full bow
Side plank: variations on knee and elbows; pigeon leg, top foot steps back
Mermaid, easy twist
Head-to-knee flow
Seated twist
Revolved head-to-knee
Side plank variation
Bridge to block
Hip reset
Cow-face on back
Reclining cobbler
Happy baby

Saturday Morning: Yoga for All Athletes

Six moves of the spine, supine, one leg
Hug knees
Hamstring stretch
Hip flexors stretch
Hip circles
Reclining tree with side bend
Reclining twist with shoulder circles
Rolling like a ball
Tall mountain flow
Raise arms
Raise heels
Bend knees
Roll back!
Core planks and lunges
Downward dog
Leg swing to rounded plank
Crescent lunge
Leg swing to opposite elbow
Side plank with extended leg
Leg swing to mountain climber
Lizard lunge
Handstand, as in this class: (use code sagefreemonth for a free month’s trial)
Wall folds
Legs up the wall
Hamstring stretch: central, outer, inner
Half happy baby
Figure 4
Bridge/half shoulderstand
Double knee twist
“Christina’s World”
Table pose
Prone twist
Pinwheel pigeon
Wild camel

Saturday afternoon: Slow Motion Yoga

Slow six moves of the spine
lateral child’s pose, in stages
slow-mo cat/cow
slow threading the needle, hand, elbow, then shoulder, hand to pelvis to keep level, then arm increases stretch
Slow sun salutes
lift knees from table to tease out dd
slow walk to front
slow lift, lower
pick up foot
set it back down
45 degrees at the shin
90 degrees at the shin
L pose
pick up front foot, or wish you could
bend knee
step back
slow lower in stages
backbend in stages
slow lift to stretch feet
downward dog
lift foot
core plank
step down
rock onto front foot
finish slow
Slow core
roll downs
leg lifts
twists with full breath at pausing point
bridge articulations and slow lower, à la slow-mo cat/cow
Slow hamstring series
hamstring stretch with other leg bent, slowly extend base leg
slow trip open wide
slow trip over to outer hamstring stretch, both hips down
slow cross-over twist

Sunday morning: Yoga and Running

Six moves of the spine standing with chair, as demonstrated here:
Parking lot yoga
Mountain pose
Diagonal lunge
Crescent lunge
Warrior II
Crescent lunge
Diagonal lunge
Mountain pose
Don your shoes as demonstrated here:
Focus: form, breath, mantra, drishti
Mud-flap girl/reverse table/reverse plank
Boat with variations: twist, listing boat
Cross-legged fold/forward fold
Reclining twists
Figure 4
Supine pretzel twist
Reverse supine pretzel twist
Cross-legged twist
Thanks, everyone, for your presence and attention! I hope to connect with you again soon.
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