Rode Hard and Put Up Wet

With my in-house bike tech on the other side of the planet, my bike has been neglected all week. When I got home from the muddy transition area at last weekend’s race, I immediately slipped into family duties, so the bike has been sitting, dirty, in the garage all week. As one of my friends said, “It’s like putting a boat up with salt water on it.” Shame on me.

So I just dutifully cleaned and inspected the bike—and I found some suspicious pocks and slits in the rear tire. Not suspicious in the sense that someone put them there, just that they were tempting fate with my last spring race in the morning. So I cannibalized the back wheel from Wes’s bike and took it out for a spin. Seems I managed to get it on there right. I also had to extract a lot of caked dirt from the cleats on my shoes.

Of course I could have changed the tires, but I’m barely keeping the household together with Wes away, and I’ve got to effectively manage my time. (Which should mean no blogging. Maintaining radio silence from now on.)

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