Sage Yoga Training, Episode 15: Backbending

While it’s been a little over a year since I posted a new podcast episode, I haven’t forgotten about Sage Yoga Training. In August, my mother shot some pictures for a backbending episode (thanks, WalkerRuns, for the request). I was waiting for a rainy day to work on production, and this was it. Along the way, I remembered how much fun these episodes are to make. My six years in public radio weren’t for naught!

Backbends are hard. For those of us who sit in chairs, drive, or ride a lot, they are especially onerous. I’ve chosen some “starter” poses, all targeting the hip flexors, which need to release in order for us to bend backward.
When you try the episode, which you’ll find here, move slowly, keep your hips square, bend evenly, and work within your own limits. If you include the sequence in your rotation, hitting these poses, say, once a week, I think you’ll start to see a big difference within a month.
As always, I love getting feedback and ideas for future episodes.
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