Sage Yoga Training: Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations

This eleven-minute sequence can serve as a warm-up, a cool-down, or a workout in itself. Starting with three half salutes, we move through four sun salutations: first a high lunge; then a balancing high lunge; a low, crescent lunge; and a crescent lunge with a twist.

All you need to practice the sequence is something to cushion your knees in the backbends and low lunges: grass, a mat, a jacket, a towel.

If you find the flow from plank to down dog difficult or hard on your wrists, practice it with your knees down, or skip it entirely. None of these routines or any yoga should hurt.

Music for this episode is “River of Mills,” by Etherfysh, from the album Box of Fysh. It’s available at

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