Yang and Yin Yoga Workshop at Carrboro Yoga

Saturday October 06, 2012 @ 2:00 pm–4:00 pm at Carrboro Yoga Company

Yoga is the union or awareness of two things that seem opposite. Light/dark, warm/cold, energy moving up/energy moving down, breath in/breath out. Come explore two complementary asana practices and cultivate yin and yang energy with us in this all-levels workshop. Yang is a fiery practice, flowing to build heat in the body, and connects the breath with the movement. Yin is a practice that allows us to go within, sit still, and breathe deeply as we notice what rises up from taking our seat in a pose and staying in the pose.

We’ll start with a flow moving through sun salutations, standing balances, and backbends, all leading to some long holds in hip openers and heart openers, and we’ll end with a sweet breath practice before final relaxation.

$20/$15 before 9/29

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