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I’m already looking forward to February, when I’ll be returning to present at the Running Summit East. This fantastic event features wonderful speakers—I’m eager to hang with Matt, Peter, and Wendy again, and a little awestruck that I’ll get to meet Jonathan Dugas, from the great Science of Sport blog. My presentations are both brand-new: one based on Racing Wisely, and the other a simple template for building everyday core routines for yourself and, if you coach, your athletes. If you are a coach, you’ll get CEUs for USATF, USAT, and the NCSA. But even if you’re a casual runner, you’ll be blown away by the caliber of speaker and the wealth of information this fun event offers. I hope to see you there!


The Running Summit returns to New Jersey as Running Summit East, February 7–8, 2015, at the Morristown Medical Center in Morristown. This event follows in the foot steps of highly regarded and well attended Running Summits in New Jersey (August 2012, March 2014) and California (February 2013). The event will bring together five top coaches and authors in the sport to share their expertise: Matt Fitzgerald, Jonathan Dugas, Sage Rountree, Peter Thompson and Wendy Winn Rhodes. The Running Summit will feature two lectures by Matt, Jonathan, Sage and Wendy, and one by Peter. One session by both Sage and Wendy will be a learn by doing presentation. Eligible coaches can earn CEU credit for USATF Level 3, USAT, and NSCA. The event is open to all coaches and runners regardless of their previous experience or certification level. Participants just need to be willing and eager to learn.

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My topics:

Coach Joe Vigil and Sage at the previous Running Summit
Coach Joe Vigil and Sage at a previous Running Summit

Racing Wisely: Developing and Executing a Race Plan

You’ve dialed in a training cycle for your key race-are you ready to pace it properly? All the training in the world is useless if you can’t plan and manage your effort correctly on race day. Coach Sage Rountree explains how to use your mental and physical skills to execute your race to the best of your ability. If you or your athletes have ever run out of gas before the finish or think a negative split is impossible-or if you’re eager to land on the podium before the season is out-you won’t want to miss this presentation. You’ll learn how to set your intention and appropriate time goals and paces, and how to stick to them when things get intense; how to manage your efforts to race for your personal best time; and how to race for competitive placing. Along the way, we’ll investigate training and taper workouts to dial in your skills for race day. You’ll finish inspired to deliver your personal best at your next race.

Everyday Core: Accessing Your Powerhouse for Better Running

We know the core muscles are critical for running, but many of us throw in only a few perfunctory crunches or planks and call it a day. By shortchanging your core strength, you’re undermining your ability to train without injury and to keep good form throughout each run. Coach and yoga and Pilates teacher Sage Rountree guides you through the anatomy of the core, then explains a simple approach to creating balanced core sequences. We’ll also cover ways to modify these sequences to help you and your athletes progress over the course of a season. Using the techniques outlined in this presentation, you’ll be able to design and execute short routines to practice everyday to improve your posture, strengthen your abs and glutes, and access the full power of your body for better running.

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