Second Wind

We are in California, spending a few days in Napa before heading up to Lake Tahoe for Wes’s sister’s wedding. Tuesday was a very busy day, with the flight out; navigating SFO; a delicious late lunch at the Sausalito Taco Shop; a precipitous drive up to and down from Muir Woods; a hike through the park there, which was filled with Europeans, apparently taking advantage of the dollar’s weakness; and finally the drive to Napa, during which the rental car GPS and I disagreed vehemently several times yet finally learned to get along, prompting a family discussion about the importance of admitting when you are wrong. The last few minutes of the drive were enhanced by listening to my brother, John Hamilton, host the 6:00 news live on KPFA.

We managed to score a table at Ubuntu, a restaurant/yoga studio downtown in Napa. By 7:30 PDT (i.e., past my bedtime at home), we were all pretty zonked, and I was feeling dehydrated and a little queasy. But I tried to enjoy my delicious meal and to rehydrate, and as I watched Lily delightedly eat a vegan salad (!!!) filled with precious greens (“a fairy meal,” we proclaimed), I finally got my appetite and energy back.
I have had the fortune, thus far, of not hitting a bonk or a particularly rough patch in a race (though I get my share in training, usually when riding alone with Wes, where I feel too free to be crabby). But I did see that by steadily taking in nutrition (food, water, homemade lemonade with garden rosemary, and eventually Napa Valley wine), and by staying in the moment–not trying to be overly jolly, but not copping out on the meal, either–my stomach, energy, and mood all came around. I didn’t write the evening off, and it didn’t write me off. 
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