Training Plans

These training plans allow you to train using my system while managing your own schedule. You can post them on your refrigerator or add them to your TrainingPeaks account.

In Training Peaks, you can drag and drop workouts to customize your schedule. Each plan contains an overview, daily workouts, and advice on figuring out your nutrition to support the best possible experience come race day.

Many of the free plans have useful comment threads attached, so you can see others’ questions and my answers.

plans on TrainingPeaks

Add these plans to your TrainingPeaks account:

  • Half marathon
  • Full marathon
  • Olympic-distance triathlon
  • Half-iron-distance triathlon
  • Yoga for the base period (strength focus)
  • Yoga for the build period (flexibility focus)
  • Yoga for the peak period (focus focus)
Preview and buy each of the plans at TrainingPeaks.

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