In addition to The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga DVD and RIDES: North Carolina, Sage has videos online ranging from short, free yoga for athletes videos and an entire series on athletic recovery to full-length classes and forty-hour yoga teacher trainings. You’re sure to find a video to help you!

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Core Strength for Real People

This new offering is for anyone wanting to grow stronger through the core. You don’t have to see your abs to care about your abs! Sage leads you through short, friendly, doable yoga- and Pilates-based routines to build core strength, improve your posture, and generally make you happy to be a real person. Follow one or more of these routines two or three times a week, and you’ll soon feel a difference in your balance, comfort, and movement. Rent, buy, or subscribe—new content is coming every month! Get started here.

Yoga Vibes

Want to study with Sage from anywhere in the world? YogaVibes to the rescue! Sage has dozens of both full-class and short videos at YogaVibes. Find better balance for injury prevention, gain mobility and flexibility, strengthen your core, and sharpen your focus—all from the comfort of your own home. Practice with Sage on your own time, anywhere! View the entire library.

Yoga for Trail Runners

Back of the Body: Yoga for Athletes Short Practice

IT Band: Yoga for Athletes Series


The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga DVD


Sage Rountree and two of her pupils demonstrate three levels of modifications appropriate for athletes. Choose from seven preset routines targeting different points in the training cycle and addressing specific problem areas, or arrange segments in any order to build a custom workout lasting anywhere from two minutes to two hours. Learn more . . . 

Rides: North Carolina

Want to spice up your time on the trainer? Sage leads you and six of North Carolina’s top cyclists and triathletes on a ride through the rolling hills of the NC Piedmont. Climb in and out of the saddle and work on your steady efforts at threshold as the tempo intervals grow progressively longer, building your strength for time trialing. Finish at Maple View Dairy’s country store for a virtual ice cream cone! Learn more . . . 

Free Yoga Videos

Both at Sage’s YouTube channel and across the web, you’ll find short videos to help you balance through your hips, foster recovery and relaxation, and perform at your best. Several of the videos are collected here.

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