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Happy Hips and Knees: Prehab and Rehab to Keep You Training Pain-Free

Problems at the hip and knee—from generalized pain to piriformis syndrome, iliotibial band issues, and patellar tendonitis—can derail your training and wipe out your triathlon season. But with some preemptive self-care, you can maintain a healthy balance in the hips to benefit both your body and your odds of peak performance. Coach and yoga teacher Sage Rountree will show you easy ways to avoid and minimize problems in the hip and knee so you can train all summer happily free of injury and discomfort.

In this webinar we’ll:

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Pacing Wisely: Performing at Your Personal Best on Race Day

You’ve dialed in a training cycle for your key race—are you ready to pace it properly? All the training in the world is useless if you can’t manage your effort correctly on race day. In this webinar, Sage Rountree, USAT level 2 coach and author of the new book Racing Wisely, teaches mental and physical skills to execute your race to the best of your ability. If you’ve ever run out of gas before the finish or think a negative split is impossible—or if you’re eager to land on the podium before the season is out—you won’t want to miss this presentation. You’ll learn how to set your intention and appropriate time goals and paces, and how to stick to them when things get intense; how to manage your efforts to race for your personal best time; and how to race for competitive placing. Along the way, we’ll investigate training and taper workouts to dial in your skills for race day. You’ll finish the webinar inspired to deliver your personal best at your next race.

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Enhancing Recovery

All the hard work put into training is useless if the athlete doesn’t take time to recover, absorb the effort, and grow stronger. USAT Level II coach Sage Rountree explains the physiology of recovery, describes ways athletes can track their own recovery, and explains methods to ensure athletes recover fully between workouts and races. These methods include everything from ice baths to compression socks, power naps to powerful massages. You’ll learn which methods are proven to aid in recovery, and which aren’t worth your time and money.

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Yoga & Triathlon

Sage Rountree, experienced registered yoga teacher, USAT L2 coach, and author of The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, will explain how yoga enhances athletes’ strength, flexibility, balance, and focus; demystify the various types of yoga and discuss their applicability to athletes; and show how yoga can be included throughout the training cycle. After attending this webinar, you’ll have a clear sense of how to include yoga in training and be ready to get started.

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