SI Joint

Kelly asks about poses to address SI joint pain. The problem is, when you’re dealing with SI instability, it’s more about what not to do than what to do. My SI joint has been unhappy with twists ever since my inglorious, ironic balance-ball incident. Instead of rooting my pelvis when I twist, I let my sitting bones slide a little, so they become the first thing to move in the twist, and this helps a lot. This may be an instance of being too flexible, which is a laughable notion to most of my students, but is probably part of Kelly’s problem. (Lucky for her, she has a hot tub on her deck, out in the woods!)

Some articles on the Yoga Journal Web site give good advice:

Roger Cole’s “Protect the Sacroiliac Joints in Forward Bends, Twists, and Wide-Legged Poses”
and the accompanying piece, “Practice Tips for the Sacroiliac Joints.”

On an unrelated note, regular readers will see I’ve got a new, slightly more current picture up. I’ve never looked so tan in my life—it’s a far cry from my current midwinter pastiness. Whee! Racing is fun.

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