Squeezing It In/Squeezing into It

Logistics are much of the battle in multisport training. We have to figure out how to fit in workouts in at least three disciplines (let’s include yoga as one of those); we have to have all our gear and fuel in place for each workout; we have to manage the placement of equipment before,  during, and after each race. (This is part of why I think parents do so well at multisport: management is half the battle, and we’re used to lugging around bags full of juice and towels.)

My latest logistical fight is with my clothes. I generate a huge amount of laundry, between workout clothes, yoga clothes, and street clothes, all of which I wear in the course of any given day. We’re still in a big drought here in North Carolina, so I try to rewear my clothes as much as propriety allows. Despite what I told my friends in Canada about my weightlifting or lack thereof, I have just added two sets of shoulder exercises on the weight-room floor to help stabilize my shoulder as I return to the pool. Since weightlifting should come after swimming, not before, that means I have to wrestle my way back into a top that’s already sweaty from my cycling workout. A damp body and a damp shirt do not mix well, and I keep finding myself with a roll of material under my armpits, refusing to budge up or down. It has led me to some creative stretching and arm positions, so I guess that’s a plus.
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