Sticking the Landing

I finally mustered the courage to do a flying (well, OK, rolling) dismount at a triathlon. (This was inspired in part by a discussion over at Tridaddy’s site; I know in theory what to do, but I hadn’t had the guts to do it yet.) I got my feet on top of my shoes while riding, coasted on the left foot, swung the right leg back over the bike, and leapt off while still moving, to run barefoot into the transition area. I felt so awesome, I wanted to puff up my chest, fling my hands in the air, then turn 180 in the same position while waiting for the judges’ scores.

The flying dismount is kind of like shuffling cards. It looks really cool when you can do it fancy, fanning them out, but it works fine to do it with less panache, by overlapping just the corners then sliding the deck back together (in the analogy, just stopping to unclip your shoes and clop to your rack). It just takes a little longer. And all it takes to do it is a little chutzpah and a lot of practice in private, before you unveil the move in front of others.

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