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Tough Call

I spent the first ten years of my life in Buffalo, New York. These years included the Blizzard of ’77, which buried our AMC Pacer so much that not even a hump of the car was visible in the snow. While these years calibrated my snow tolerance meter, I was not old enough to be… Read more »

Functional Core Sequence

What a nice group joined me yesterday at Carrboro Yoga for a core-strength workshop! Our theme was finding mountain pose, the neutral and stable alignment of the pelvis and the spine, and holding that even as our arms and legs were moving and our orientation to gravity shifted. As I promised the students, I’m posting… Read more »

Mopping the Floors

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I arrive at Carrboro Yoga midday to sign in and enjoy Ruth’s noon Power Flow class. One of my first chores, and my most favorite, is cleaning the floor. I slowly push the wide dust mop back and forth over the century-old wood. When nails are lifted out, they snag a piece of… Read more »

Christmas Tree Yoga

I was honored to teach a lovely group of yogis and yoginis for an all-levels, all-ages holiday practice today. In honor of the season, we enjoyed tree pose in a number of orientations: on our backs, standing, on our sides, and on our bellies. With 26 bodies and students’ age ranging from the teens to… Read more »

Practice, Practice, Practice

Most of what I do—and, I’d bet, most of what you do—all day is filling in the spaces left out in success-story montages. It’s the work necessary between setting a goal and reaching it. Much of it is tough, much is repetitive, and the progress comes in fits and spurts, rather than following a linear… Read more »

Practicing Yoga at the Studio Desk

Ten days into studio ownership, I can see how this role will be an extension of my yoga practice. Amid all the paperwork, getting up to speed on office systems, lining up instructors for the March schedule, working on revisions to the waiver, finding a working VCR for childbirth classes, cutting keys that will open… Read more »