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Watch: Yoga for Cyclists

Thanks to my partners at prAna and YogaVibes, I’m delighted to offer this free short yoga video for you to unwind when you get off the bike—or out of your desk chair. This short online yoga practice is appropriate for cyclists—as well as anyone who spends time sitting in a chair each day. Start with… Read more »

Coming Soon: Racing Wisely

Thanks to all of you for sharing with such self-effacing good humor your stories of race-day disasters! Several of them are featured in my new book, Racing Wisely, which will be available in mid-August. (Sign up for my newsletter, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, to be notified the moment the book is available.)… Read more »

Scheduled: Pacing Wisely USAT Webinar

You’ve dialed in a training cycle for your key race—are you ready to pace it properly? All the training in the world is useless if you can’t manage your effort correctly on race day. In this webinar, Sage Rountree, USAT level 2 coach and author of the new book Racing Wisely, teaches mental and physical skills to… Read more »

A Wheel within a Wheel

From the beautiful little book A Wheel within a Wheel, by Frances Willard, which my fantastic athlete Julee gave me a few years ago, a lovely thought on learning and progress: Once, when I grew somewhat discouraged and said that I had made no progress for a day or two, my teacher told me that… Read more »

On Indoor Cycling

At the end of this week, I’ll teach the last of the indoor cycling classes I’ve led every Tuesday and Thursday for almost four years. It has been a wonderful experience, because my students have been so special. Most came to the class from other indoor-bike classes, expecting a rip-roaring workout, and sometimes they got… Read more »

2007 Gears and Cheers

Now here’s an event I can get into: a supported ride from a winery (owned by the family of a cycling student of mine) culminating in a picnic lunch and a glass of wine! (The flyer cleverly bills it as “the only bike ride where wining is allowed!”) Instead of yet another T-shirt, participants will… Read more »