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Read: Do the Holidays Right: Recover

This entry in my series on recovery at exhorts you to put your feet up and enjoy that egg nog. This time of year, articles offering advice on how to keep your weight down during the holidays are as numerous as cans of pumpkin in the grocery store. Just look at any health magazine…. Read more »

Read: What Dead Legs Are Telling You

The latest in my articles on recovery at asks what dead legs are telling you. (Hint: it’s to rest!) Serious triathletes have a host of words to describe the way their legs are feeling. On the positive side, this includes fresh, snappy, springy, zippy and many more. The converse terms are dead legs, or legs that feel heavy, gunky,… Read more »

Yoga as Reward

Yesterday, I taught one of the more interesting classes I’ve had the pleasure to lead lately. Somewhat surreally, it took place on the main floor of the Smith Center under the lights, but what made it special—in fact, what makes most standout moments special—is the intention behind it. I’ve been working with the UNC men’s… Read more »

Sage Advice: Rest Up

When I visit the UNC men’s basketball team to teach yoga, we make a lot of jokes about napping. Players can fall asleep on a dime; last summer, one of the freshmen fell asleep in legs up the wall and stayed there all the way through the closing. Several former players, now professionals, come back… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Postgame Recovery

My latest class on YogaVibes is an hourlong practice for postgame recovery. Join the Cornell women’s lacrosse team for this yoga session for athletes and everyone. You’ll warm up the spine, shoulders, and hips, then relax into deep stretches designed to help you stay present moment to moment while preparing you for your next workout… Read more »

Read: 10 Yoga Poses for Runners

It was fun to work with the nice guys at Men’s Journal to come up with ten yoga poses of special benefit for runners. We worked with yoga instructor and endurance sports coach Sage Rountree, which is actually her real name, to identify 10 yoga poses that will improve your running game. Rountree, herself an accomplished athlete,… Read more »