There Is Enough

Yoga teaches us that there is enough—enough strength to hold a pose, enough room to breathe in a twist, enough time to relax into the present. Following the principle of nongrasping (aparigraha), we are assured that there is enough. Learning to accept this avoids a lot of unnecessary clutching, making us more efficient (and that’s the goal in endurance sports).

I woke up in Tahoe City last week and thought spontaneously, aparigraha, that’s my intention today. Very quickly, I had to put that idea into action as I ran at altitude. My lungs weren’t sure, but I knew there was enough oxygen in the air if I could relax and not grasp for a quick pace.
This morning I had a fabulous run up to the UNC track, where I ran with a coaching client as she did a thirty-minute time trial. I took her heart rate monitor from her and held it as she ran, looking at the numbers and assuring her that she could hold her pace and effort. There is enough. Great job, Claire.
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