This Month’s Ad

Here is my ad for the April issue of Endurance. It shows up a little funny here but looks good in reality. Spacing didn’t let me say exactly what the lessons are in the lessons line; I hope it’s obvious enough from the word YOGA below.

You’ll see that I’ve gone with a different format for the coaching credit line. I’ve been looking at my gorgeous business cards, on which I committed to the en dash because it was the right thing to do, and I think “USAT certified coach” works OK, too—less clutter, though it trusts folks to know what USAT means. I reason that it’s like “Sara Lee chocolate cheesecake,” in which I consider “certified” an adjective, like “chocolate.”

Can you tell I’ve thought too much about this?

It also presumes that people will visit the Web site and not need a phone number. Is that fair?

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