Three of My Fifteen Minutes

I was on the local news last night, in a piece with the best introduction ever. The anchor misread the script: “She’s a part-time yoga instructor, a mother, a runner, a fitness trainer—let’s meet one of the Triangle’s biggest moms! Uh—busiest moms!”

The video, which isn’t online, has some silly shots of the kids being squirrely. They were in spasms of laughter at seeing themselves on TV. The piece was edited very well, so I didn’t sound like the idiot I felt like during the interview. Still, I’m not at my most eloquent, and there are no props to Wes or any of my other inspirations, most importantly my fellow “biggest moms.”

A few misrepresentations made me laugh, especially that I’ve done “two races!” Yes, and then some! But two marathons, true: one for each child.

I was delighted at the cross-promotion for the all-women’s triathlon, and the clinic Monette and I are teaching (which, incidentally, will start at 6 and not 6:30, since daylight will be waning by October). Note that it’s for triathlon, specifically the Ramblin’ Rose, not the marathon.

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