Three Things

1. En dash redux. My publishing friends say go with it; others aren’t sure. (And Joan, it’d be “phone-number-length,” with hyphens; the en dash comes when you can’t wedge a hyphen in a word, say when it’s a proper noun, such as “USA Triathlon” or “Team Polar.” The en dash offers deference to open compounds.) I think it comes down to this: is it better to be right in your own mind, or to go with something that seems on the surface more conventional? Having given in to my mother’s insistence that “honour” was the right spelling for my (and Wes’s!) wedding invitations, I think this time I’m choosing personal integrity, even at the risk of looking funny. Maybe I’ll pick up some clients who work in publishing!

2. Thank you, PowerBar. On a whim, I applied for a PowerBar sponsorship last fall. (There’s a new model whereby not-so-great athletes with high visibility can get corporate sponsorship. They act as living billboards and product reps.) The extensive application had questions like, “What are your long-range sport goals?” My answer was something I hadn’t yet formulated to myself: “I’d like to write a book on yoga for endurance athletes, and I’d like to get certified as a triathlon coach.” Putting that down on (virtual) paper, I started to wonder, “Why not?” I didn’t make the team—they had 4,500 applicants—but my life has changed. And I will get one free box of PowerBars, which is great news, since that’s what my kids eat for breakfast. (Yes, seriously. I ran it by a pediatrician, who conceded, “It’s better than Froot Loops.”) Meanwhile, I’ve just applied for sponsorship by Polar. I use a Polar watch every day and preach the benefits of heart-rate training in my Spinning classes. My hopes are high. And unless Protocolo vineyards or the Weaver Street Market bakery starts to sponsor folks, it’s my last chance at corporate sponsorship affiliated with a product I use daily.

3. Could Joey Cheek be any more wonderful? He’s cute, he’s modest, he’s concerned about world peace. He likes four-hour bike rides. I have a soft spot for guys from Greensboro who work to help prevent HIV infection in Africa.

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