Personal Coaching

personal coaching

While my roster for 2012 is full, it’s still worth checking in so I’ll know you’re interested. When I do have room, we start with an initial consultation, ideally in person, to make sure we’re compatible. If not, there’s no charge, and I’ll try to help you find a coach who’s the right match for you. If we click, we move on to a review of your training, racing, and medical history; a skills and equipment assessment; and, naturally, a check of your flexibility, before setting goals for our work together.

For your investment in yourself, you’ll get an individualized training plan (including workouts, yoga/Pilates, and meditation/mental training) created just for you, with your plan tailored and updated weekly on, and we’ll have as much communication as you want: call me, write me, come have a beer on the porch with me.


One-time start-up fee: $250
Then, you can choose to pay up front for:
One quarter (three months): $1000
One half year (six months): $1900
One full year (twelve months): $3600

Check out my training plans for a semicustom experience.

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