Training for a 5K, with Yoga

My training plan for a 5K using yoga as a complement has just gone online at Athleta Chi. Let me know what you think and how it works!

Any feedback you have to share is both useful and gratifying. I loved hearing from folks who used the plan I wrote earlier this year for Endurance Magazine. (In that one, I coined the term “club sandwich” to refer to interval runs, which still makes me smile today.) While that plan is for folks pretty new to exercise or to running, the audience for the Athleta Chi plan is athletes who have a decent base—they hit the gym regularly, maybe even run some, and, in my mind, look like the gorgeous, strong models in Athleta’s catalog—but don’t know how to begin honing their running fitness for a target race.
It’s simple to find a 5K. Why not give it a try? So many folks these days take a more-is-more approach to racing, choosing a marathon or an Ironman as a first race. Working in increments is much safer, and it creates a lifelong habit instead of stoking the fire too fast, leading to burnout or injury. And as any seasoned athlete can tell you, the 5K can be every bit as hard as the marathon!
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