Transition Practice, Redux

I often say that mothers are good at triathlon because much of it is about organization and management. To wit, another transition practice:

Awaken children. Feed children while brushing their hair. Exhort them to eat. Begin packing lunch. Remind children to eat. Pack a snack. Fill out a form hidden at the bottom of a backpack. Clear one child’s cereal bowl. Tell the other to eat that PowerBar now. Marshal children upstairs. Oversee clothing and shoe selection. Command them to brush teeth. Dress for a long run. Negotiate with children who have changed clothing and shoe selection. Pack bottles, Fuel Belt, heart-rate monitor. Remember running shoes. Hurdle the dog, who senses departure is nigh and has begun turning in frantic circles. Veto third shoe selection—it’s gym day!—and urge children to come downstairs. Harness the dog. Don backpacks. Spit-clean PowerBar off older child’s face. Head out the door.

Makes glasses-helmet-bike-go seem like a piece of cake.
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