Two-Wheel Power

Wes and I were cycling on Highway 42 in very rural North Carolina this morning when a pack of motorcycles passed us. The lead rider gave a polite “toot-toot” honk as they approached. (You learn to distinguish the tone of honking pretty quickly on a bike.)

We noticed that as the dozen or so motorcycles passed us, the riders were raising two fingers way up high. What was that about? Peace? Victory? Roman numeral V? We concluded it was friendly and directed at us, and we eventually decided it was an evocation of the number 2 from one set of two-wheeled vehicles to another.
Of course, poking around online, I realized that the gestures probably indicated to the bikers that they should be riding single file to get around our much slower moving bikes. Once again, something that seemed to be about me, or us, actually had nothing to do with us at all. Nobody is really thinking about anybody but themselves for very long. But it was cool feeling like one of the club while it lasted.
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