Watch: Yoga Snack: Reclining Shoulders, Spine, and Hips Release

My latest short yoga video to follow along with on Yoga Vibes is probably my all-time favorite routine. It works well as a standalone, as a wake-up routine, or as a wind-down practice. You can do it in bed!

Here’s a short sequence you can do in bed at the start or the end of your day—or at the start or the end of your yoga practice or your workout. We work gently around the world of the hips, spine, and shoulders.

This sequence goes well with the also-recent yoga snack called Tree Frog Flow.

Watch the full-length new video here. You can enjoy the free trial and, when you like what you see, subscribe to Yoga Vibes. The code sagevibes will save you money on an annual subscription! You’ll find a host of classes from me and my colleagues at the Carolina Yoga Company channel.

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