What Pedals?

Wes called from the bike store, where he’d gone to try a Cervelo P2 K with a 2004 frame and 2005 component set. I was jealous because it was similar to the P2 SL I rode and have been dying for since. (I know I said I wasn’t, but I was.)

“What pedals do you want on your bike?” he asked.

Wow. That is love, and a lot of his father’s generous and impulsive influence coming through. (Thank you.)

Here is his bike; it is in Duke colors, but is otherwise awesome. My bike made me feel like a rock star when I rode it. It’s anodized aluminum, very black and sinister. I plan to add some hot pink accents: seat bag, race tires, maybe saddle and bar tape. If I have a sophomore slump this year, it’s not because of my ride. I could work for years and not be as fast as the bike would let me.

My business plan–what to do with the pending coaching certification, my yoga work, my enthusiasm–is inchoate but starting to congeal. In the next few months it ought to come together. Meanwhile, I’m going to sit back (forward, in the aerobars) and enjoy my ride, my glorious new ride. May we ride them in safety.

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