Yin in Yang, Yang in Yin

I spent a very busy day (with major gratitude for my wonderful husband) working. All morning, I worked on my athletes’ training plans. At 1:30, I met the Carolina football team for recovery yoga; at 3:00, I led a two-hour clinic for the Ramblin’ Rose women’s only triathlon to be held next weekend. While posting to my Twitter page, I realized that not only does the yang of working with the football team (in their locker room, no less, as hypermasculine an environment as I’ve ever been in) balance with the yin of working with a group of rookie triathletes. There’s also the yin of yoga versus the yang of triathlon. So the balance was in place: the heat of football is tempered by the cool of yoga; the silver light of women trying a new thing is toned by the golden light of physical exertion.

This is why, for me, work is fun. Every day my life includes these two poles: the soft love of mothering and the tough love of coaching (and often the reverse), the head space of writing and the body space of moving, the simultaneously intellectual and physical process of teaching yoga, a balance buoyed by the work’s spiritual fulfillment.
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