Cover of Adaptive Yoga

Available Today: Adaptive Yoga by Ingrid Yang and Kyle Fahey

Welcome to the world a wonderful, much-needed, beautifully produced book: Adaptive Yoga by Dr. Ingrid Yang and Dr. Kyle Fahey. I give this book my absolute highest recommendation! Designed for yoga practitioners and teachers at every level, it offers clear instructions and realistic illustrations of how to adapt a yoga practice to a range of conditions, from amputation to multiple sclerosis.

I had the honor of writing the foreword for this book, which meant I spent some time with an advance copy over the summer. My husband can attest that I exclaimed multiple times while reading the book! It is so good and so useful that I can’t overstate its importance, even for experienced teachers. I learned a ton as I read through the book, both in very specific details about how to adapt yoga to any body, and in general ways that point to the major universal truths of yoga.

This book belongs on every teacher’s bookshelf and every yoga teacher training syllabus. And if you are a student and not a teacher, you need to know this book is in the world to help you adapt yoga to your unique body as it changes through the years.

Adaptive Yoga is so useful because of the expertise of its authors, a medical doctor, Ingrid Yang, and a physical therapist, Kyle Fahey. But Ingrid isn’t just an MD, she is also a highly experienced yoga teacher and former studio founder and owner. (She has a JD, too, which illustrates her commitment to learning and curiosity about the world and everyone in it.) Ingrid is a brilliant person and a wonderful friend. She is also beautiful, fierce when she needs to be, and tender and kind at every opportunity. I am so pleased for her and grateful to her and Kyle that they have produced such a very wonderful offering. I know you will love it, too.

Order your copy today—here are some links you can use (they are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you use these to buy). Trust me, the book is well worth the price.